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ÖGENIX official first album!


released November 7, 2014

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Marc-Olivier Fréchette at THE GRID STUDIO.
Extra Production: Chris Donaldson
Extra backvocals by Anonymus recorded by JF Fortin at Badass Studio

Music & Lyrics: Gabriel Duceppe
Guitar/Bass arrangements: Jérémie Martin, Set Landerich, Gabriel Duceppe & Dave Hazel
Drum Arrangements: Gabriel Harvey

Dave Hazel: Guitar
Gabriel Duceppe: Vocals/Modular Synth/Programming
Gabriel Harvey: Drums
Jérémie Martin: Bass
Set Landerich: Guitar

Album graphic design & ÖGENIX logo: Set Landerich



all rights reserved


ogenix Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: The End
Wake up! wake up!
open your eyes,
it's still not too late to start is all over again,

Wake up! Wake up!
There'S no more time to lose.
Swallow the fuckin red pill and walk towards the light.

This morbid hegemony inside your mind,
is directing the final take of your own demise,
Blinded by faith your are in this machine of hate,
The time has come to break free of this spiritual jail.

Behind a veil of so said morality, lies their true intentions in
Denying, erasing, destroying yourself,
Religions are a fraud,
Faith has no name,
Atheistic minds and free thinkers,
reclaim your rightful space and join the revolution.

We are the end are you ready?

Wake up! Wake up!
It's time to unite,
we won't let things go without putting up a fight,
Wake up! Wake up!
Get up, stand up!
Show those mindless hordes that we are the beginning of the end

You suffer, wasting your life for a better tomorrow,
forgetting it's happening today.
You're wasting your life waiting for tomorrow.
Track Name: Robotic Pestilence
Calculated erosion
of our freedom of thoughts
Sucking our life into their kingdom of hate

Manipulating the distracted masses
Hiding behind the veil of the victim

Desecrating everything that makes us alive
Looking to achieve their ultimate goal

Creeping like shadows we have seen them too late
Their mission is now clear, they are bound to

Destroy the fabric of reason
raping your brain
A well planned treason

Destroy all of our existence
to turn us all
into robotic pestilence

Destroy the fabric of reason
raping your brain
A state planned prison

Destroy all of our existence
to turn us all
Until we have nothing left

Anihiliting every ounces of sanity
a blatent denial of life

Rewriting history in their image
It's over cause they are bound to

Destroy the fabric of reason
Track Name: Inquisition/Cult
When darkness is all around,
There's no way out,
Our words you've got to follow,
We are your mind, your love, your consciousness, the end of all your sorrows.

Now take a look at me, and tell me what you see,
We can only be right,
God is on our side!

fight for your god, fight and kill for Christ

You may be lost from the holy path,
but you're special, just come and join us,
All infidels and non-believers will be
Purified in our fire

Forget all of your questions,
because sacred is our mission,
One nation under G_d, United, proud and strong.

You've gotta kill for Christ!

When darkness is all around,
There's one way out, orders you've got to follow,
Highest authority, the hand that feeds you, the end that justify the needs,

Now take the chance you've got,
it's time to blow them up,
All in the name of god,
Martyrdom for us all.
Track Name: MKT
First of all your judgment will be gone,
The mindless hole that you've become is still growing on
None of your sins can be repent,
Be aware that you'll suffer the sheer pain of my punishment

Fear is the genuine product of my fascist hate
violence is the logical following of my mass control
death is the sediment of all my raging pulsations
war is the significant sing of the living destruction

your faith in me has spread over the world,
it' s the plain evidence of the mankind tragedy
your nonsense blindness has led you to your end
nos that I've earned control, you'll do everything just to please me.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Track Name: Fire
Your god is a lie,
Synthesis of your fears,
A viral infection of your mind!
Track Name: Decay
So much time, so much energy,
wasted in a dogmatic brainwash they call devotion,
it's a higher level of hypocrisy,
organized hate wearing the mask of compassion

This perpetual dependance in which you live,
is keeping you from a true control over your existence,
you're focusing your life on a book,
written by the hand of man, filled with emptiness and conditional charity.

2000 years after our savior,
has dug our graves so we can all die together,
too many questions and too many lies,
what else can I say, our world is on decay.

One step forward and five steps back,
regression seems to be the only way to go,
your blindness is the major cause of the global destruction,
but still, you're there praying for your own salvation.

You're living off a lie!
A systematic denial of reality,
can't you realize that this bullshit of promised land,
is putting at sake the future of humanity.

Go ahead and live for today, forget your paradised and all that have been said,
Go ahead and live for today, tomorrow will be too late, all gone and far away!